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27 Suffering and the Seven Battle Scenes

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Discover the series of Battle Scenes where the Destroyer consistently opposes God and His people, creating suffering in this world.  

27 Suffering and the Seven Battle Scenes
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7 Batttle Scenes



Who does what in the Cosmic Struggle? John 10:10

Satan (Destroyer)

Jesus (Creator)

Author of Faith Source of Hope Lover of your Soul

Seven Seals (4:1—8:1) Ez 5:17; Lk 21

1. White horse: Antichrist’s who include fake Christians

2. Red horse: War and all its attendant ills 3. Black horse: Famine—physical, emotional and spiritual

4. Pale horse: Above with plague and disease 5. Souls under the altar: Martyrs who want action from God

6. Mass Suicide: Sinners call on mountains to fall on them – INTERLUDE 1 (7:1—17) 7. Silence in heaven for half an hour: Universal awe at God’s grace

Seven Trumpets (8:2—11:19)

1. Hail and fire mixed with blood: Satan’s perversion of Good 2. Burning mountain into the sea: Satan’s kingdom thrives in wickedness 3. Burning star, 1/3 rivers & streams bitter: gospel preverted 4. 1/3 sun, moon & stars darkened: “God” has turned against us? 5. Fallen star opens the Abyss: Demonic deceptions abound 6. 4 angels release evil powers who kill a 1/3 of mankind:

– INTERLUDE 2 (10:1—11:14) 7. God reigns—Lightening flashes, thunder crashes, earthquake.

Seven Battles (12:1—14:20)

1. Red Dragon almost destroys the male child (12:1-6) 2. The Dragon and his angels fight Michael and his angels (12:7-12)

3. The Dragon attempts to destroy the Woman in white (12:13-17)

4. The Sea Beast with seven heads claims divine worship (13:1-2) 5. The Sea Beast blasphemes God for 42 months (13:3-10) 6. Earth Beast (False Prophet) enforces Sea Beast worship (13:11-18) – INTERLUDE 3 (Chapter 14:1-12) 7. The Saints taken to Heaven, Sinners destroyed (By Who?) (14:14- 20)

First Battle (12:1—6)

Dragon attempts to destroy the man child • Woman – Sun – Moon – Stars – Pregnant

First Battle (12:1—6) Dragon attempts to destroy the man child Dragon —Fiery red —7 heads —10 horns —Crowns on heads (cp 13:1) —Tail threw 1/3 stars to earth

First Battle (12:1—6) Dragon attempts to destroy the man child • Dragon ready to destroy the male child at birth • Male child to rule with a rod of iron • Male child went to be with God on his throne • Woman fled into the wilderness (desert) • In wilderness for 1260 days

Second Battle (12:7—12)

Michael and the Dragon in Conflict Michael —(Dan 10:13, 21; 12:1; Jude 9) Great Dragon —Serpent of old —Devil —Satan —Deceiver (whole world)

Second Battle

(12:7—12) Michael and the Dragon in Conflict Great Dragon cast or hurled —From heaven as residence (Lk 10:18) —From affection of universe (Jn 12:31) —From human hearts (12:11) —Into the abyss for 1000 years (20:2) —Into the lake of fire (20:10)

Third Battle (12:13—17)

Dragon attempts to destroy the Woman (51) Great Dragon pursues the Woman

  • – Two wings like and eagle

  • – Time, times and half a time

  • – Flood of water from Dragon’s mouth (ideology)

  • – Earth helped the woman

  • – Dragon declares war on the rest of her offspring

  • – They keep God’s commandments and maintain their testimony to Jesus:

  • – Parallelism (1:2, 1:9, 6:9, 12:17, 14:12, 20:4)

Fourth Battle (13:1-2)

Blasphemous Sea Beast Appears (53)

• Out of the Sea

  • – 7 heads and ten horns.

  • – Crowns on horns (cp 12:3)

  • – Each head had blasphemous names written on it.

  • – Leopard body, bear paws, lion mouth (conglomerate of Dan 7)

  • – Dragon gave beast his power, throne, authority. (God & Jesus)

Fifth Battle (13:3-10)

Sea Beast’s fatally wounded head healed (54)

  • All heads wounded according to Daniel and history.

  • World empires gives way to democracies.

  • Two legs, two feet of iron and clay and ten toes. – Iron represents Rome. Rome last world empire.

  • Wounded Head is miraculously healed – A world power emerges which is admired.

  • People worship the Dragon and the Beast – Who is able to fight against the Beast?

Fifth Battle (13:3-10)

Sea Beast’s fatally wounded head healed

  • Beast blasphemed God, his name and heaven – Atheism, Islam

  • Beast had authority to do as he wanted for 42 months – over every tribe, people, language and nation.

  • Beast conquers God’s people by war – Except the 144,000

Sixth Battle (13:11-18)

Earth Beast forces worship of Sea Beast • FalseTrinityrevealeditselffromHeaven,Sea&Earth • Earth:Peacefulorigin • “Hornslikealamb”meansitisaparodyofJesusChrist • Spokelikeadragon: • BattleofSlaughteredLamb&slaughteringlamb. • Made...worshipSeaBeastwhowoundhadhealed.

Sixth Battle (13:11—18) • • Great and miraculous signs: fire from heaven—Elijah! (1 Kings 18) Authenticating himself as God (2 Thess 2:9; Acts 2:3) Image to Sea Beast: Compare Nebuchadnezzar’s Death for those who refuse to worship the image Earth Beast forces worship of Sea Beast image. Mark of the Beast: “666” 3rd Interlude: (14:1-13) • —144,000 —3 Angels

Seventh Battle (14:14—20)

• Grain harvest: (God’s action) – Cloud, Son of Man, Crown, Sickle – Temple angel shouts to Son of Man: “harvest!” – Grain harvested=Second Coming • Grape harvest: (Who does it?)

  • – Temple angel with sickle

  • – Altar angel with fire shouts to Temple angel: “harvest!”

  • – Grapes harvested=Great blood flow=Death & destruction.

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